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Dumbia:Chronicles is a new, Hungarian and English language 1.20.1 modded Minecraft SMP based on island survival and funky geopolitics ;)

A new, grittier experience

Tired of the usual tame Minecraft SMPs and rigid rules about 17+ topics, this server is made to be a new, grittier experience for more mature players tired of the usual MC servers.

Modded to perfection

Using a carefully selected pack of 1.20.1 Forge mods, this server offers an unforgettable and unique experience while being able to run on older and less powerful hardware.

A world of geopolitics

The server has a big emphasis on nations and geopolitics, incorporating quite a few mods to aid this. In this world anyone is able to create their own state with loyal citizens and soliders!

A multilingual server

We are running a multilingual server, with most users speaking either English or Hungarian, with many speaking both, placing unique challenges for the players.

A limited world

The world of D:C is not infinite, and neither are its resources. At some point, all ores could be depleted, giving interesting obstacles.

A breathtaking story

This will not just be a simple Minecraft SMP, as we plan to record the events regularly, uploading them as a sort of documentary. Are you ready to write history?

The Server Map

To be explored...


Laky2k8 / Owner
Crype150 / Owner
xX_Borso_Xx / Vice Owner